Tzuba Winery | Tzuba Hotel in the Judean Hills

Tzuba Winery

The Tzuba Winery was inaugurated in 2005. It is a boutique winery that uses the grapes of the vineyards of Kibbutz Tzuba. We honor the tradition of wine-making in terra-rossa earth among boulders and ancient terraces where, in ancient times, wine-presses stood.
Our excellent wines reflect the knowledge of our winegrowers and of our winemaker Paul Dubb, member of Kibbutz Tzuba.
The winery produces 60,000 bottles a year.The visitor center is open for visits and wine-tasting at the Vine Patio both for groups (by appointment) and individual wine lovers.
On Fridays, we conduct tours to an ancient wine press and of the winery.
The tour includes explanations on wine production, the history of the area, the history of our winery and finishing in our wine tasting session.
The wines are kosher l’mehadrin under the supervision of the Yehuda Regional CouncilRabbinate and have the international OK Kashrut.

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