Tour of the vineyards and the remnants of the biblical city (The stone plateau)

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This tour takes place every Saturday at 02:00 pm. The tour starts at the lobby of the Tzuba Hotel.

We will walk through the vineyards to the area of the “stone plateau”. We will see an ancient burial cave from the First Temple era, an ancient purifying pool (Mikve), an ancient quarry, an old threshing floor, a guard house and other remnants of the Biblical town Tzuba. We will try to imagine how the inhabitants of the ancient city lived. From the stone plateau we will have a magnificent view of the settlements of the Jerusalem corridor.

The tour lasts some hour and a half to two hours.

The tour is adapted to families with older children. Strollers can negotiate most of the way. The minimum number of participants needed to operate the tour is 5 people.

Price per participant (over 5 years of age) is 20 Shekel. The tour is free for hotel guests.

For reservation, please contact us + 972-(0)2-5347090 or email